Are you fed up with all the "Lay" tipping sites around offering to make you a fortune?

There is another way...

"Lay", "back" and "place". All tips are not the same and neither are the sites that give you the tips.

Read on to see why you should consider another way...

From the betting desk of Roy Lee

Dear Racing Fan

Thankyou for visiting my website and taking the time to look at what I have to show you.

Right now you are probably thinking “just another tips service”

Well I am not going to try and fool you and say it isn’t a “tips service” but I would like to try to convince you, that it isn’t “just another”…

Most tips services either give you a “lay bet” or “back bet”, mostly “lay” ones now days. It seems everyone can come up with a good “lay” system!

That isn’t really true and I am sure you have come across plenty of lay systems that have promised you all sorts of things, only for you to find out quite quickly to your cost, that maybe laying isn’t quite as good as people have led you to believe.

Just because of the sheer number of “lay” tipping services, you will probably find it difficult to find a “back” service, certainly with any reputation.

Actually new people coming into the sport would probably be forgiven for thinking that “lay” betting is the only way to bet!

Ok a little bit of an exaggeration, but I am sure you know what I mean.

As you probably know if we are talking about betting on exchanges like Betfair we actually have a few options open to us.

We can “lay” a horse to lose which we have discussed.
We can “bet” on a horse to win, the traditional way to bet.
We can “place” a horse to come in the top 3 (depending on the number of runners in the race).

There are other “exotic” bets on Betfair but traditionally these are the ones in general use. The thing is most services tend to use just one of these, when really if you pick a selection and do a little research, you may find it is better to change the one you thought you would use.

This is where Roy’s Nap’s is different because I have taken a “lay” systems that has a very good strike rate and them looked at months and months of results, only to find out that there are signs that tell you that it may be better to “back” or “place” the selection, instead of just “laying” them.

And this is why Roy’s Naps is not like other tip services.

Let me tell you a little more about the service.

When you sign up you will be sent up to 5 selections a day and each tip will either be labelled “Lay”, “Back” or “Place” and one of the selections will also have an extra label (NAP). The “Nap” is the bet I feel is the best of the day.

There is something else unique about these tips.

You may have come across my ebook called Roy’s Staking Plans. We have been working very hard to create a staking system that takes into account that you will have losers and how to make the best of that information, so it won’t kill your bank.

Now I am not saying for one moment that you should use staking to make a system work, I am just giving you an option that could help you make better use of the selections.

So you will not only have unique selections, but if you want it a unique staking system as well.

So Roy, How much does this all cost?

Just £14.99 for the first month! and your second month is £19.99, and then your 3rd month in £24.99.

Sign up below to receive this fantastic offer.....

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